Testing is a crucial task ensuring the non-regression of the solution developed by teams that are joint to the project. For those based on Client / Server architectures, developing all of the identified test cases is not easy ; more over, another particularity is related to the Frontend part of the projects, where it is almost impossible to test an element without identifying the GUI elements. The objective of our intervention consists, in this context, of bringing our expertise in order to implement all the test cases required by the system, providing the best solutions to the constraints cited. The project was built on two parts, one without visitor administration, in the sense that he is not authenticated or does not yet have an account to access operations, and a part reserved to customers who have created an account. The functionalities are therefore much more numerous in this part.


  • Number of possible test cases and code coverage
  • The definition of the criteria necessary to identify an element of the graphical interface in a unique way
  • The difficulty of using regular expressions to identify an element of the GUI

Provided solutions

  • Nominal end-to-end path test
  • Isolated functionalities testing
  • Isolated API testing
  • Testing Frontend elements using a GUI element identifier

Technologies & Tools

Groovy ; Java ; XML ; Katalon ; Jmeter ; Selenuim